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Why Paypal Accounts are closed

Saturday, January 26th, 2013 by

Believe it or not, having your account closed is not necessarily a bad thing. This is because honestly if your account is in bad standing such as it being “Limited” or having a negative balance (Any balance less than $0), you actually can not close your account. Mind you if your account is limited and […]

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Download eBay For iPhone App

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 by

Now with the recently updated eBay for iPhone app you can sell and buy in one app! The eBay Selling app makes listing items on eBay a snap. Want to sell that item that you don’t need? Use your iPhone’s camera to take its picture and quickly list in on eBay. This application is meant […]

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PayPal Students Account give power to parents to control the cash flow from their teen pockets and know how much they are spending and give them a sensible job of managing money. So the first question, which came in mind is What is it? Your teen gets a card Teens get an actual debit card […]

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I am glad to announce that have published the first “ThePayPalGuide Ebook” for the PayPal users. It is a basic level ebook, covering all the basic portion of Pay Pal. This book is authored by me i.e Mad Geek, I have taken at-most care in creating this eBook so that you can use it easily. […]

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PayPal Student Accounts is a convenient way to give teens independence. They’ll learn to manage money through experience and parents can keep an eye on things. These new PayPal Student Accounts are actually sub-accounts set up by parents, which enable teens to safely use money and buy stuff they need. A PayPal Student accounts gives […]

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Which service provide you the most easiest way to transfer money by just using an email id and nothing else, no debit card verification, no paper work nothing, just an email id of recipient and your money is sent to him. Yes, the answer is PayPal. Pay Pal is one the most used banking service […]

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You can withdraw Pay Pal money using a Cheque, its a very simple process and depending on you location it may be free and may be not. In the last tutorial we talked about the 3 ways by which you can withdraw Pay Pal money, we have covered Withdraw Pay Pal Money to Your Bank […]

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